martes, 5 de julio de 2011

China will invest U.S. $ 9 billion in Brazil

Half of that money will go to high-tech industry. The Asian giant is already the maintrading partner and foreign investor, the South American country

Brazil sells mainly raw materials to China in late 2009, 95% of the money placed in the nation chaired by Dilma Rousseff, which amounted to 12,670 million dollars, was inpower (45%), agriculture (20%), mining (20%) and steel (10%). This according to figures from Brazil's Banco Bradesco SA, quoted by China Daily Tuesday.

In 2010, these investments increased to reach $ 17 billion, according to Chinese newspaper said, yet not detalla.De Thus, China overtook the U.S. as the country's main trading partner in South America.

Brazil then requested the Asian giant companies that invest in sectors other thancommodities to rebalance its economy. Finance Minister Fernando Teixeira explained that investing in agriculture for foreign companies now must find local partners.

During a visit to Brazil in May this year, the Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Demingsaid his country was interested in investing in the framework of the Brazilian plan to modernize its infrastructure.

"Raw materials constitute 70% of bilateral trade," said Teixeira, who added: "My countrywanted to improve trade relations in the medium and high technology range."

The Chinese suppliers of telecom equipment Huawei and ZTE heavy investment inBrazil in recent years, China Daily added, recalling that ZTE created an industrial park inHortolandia, near San Pablo.

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