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Historia de Hong Kong: Actualidad

 Kong is currently the most influential city in Southeast Asia. Its more than 7 millionin just 1,000 square kilometers, resulting in one of the most densely populated regionson earth.

Hong Kong is a city where the contrasts are to be admired: Wealth and poverty,darkness and light, and East and West are some of the classifications which may causevisitors. Surely 150 years of colonial influence and 5,000 Chinese tradition have madeHong Kong a place with personality.

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Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong today
Why visit Hong Kong?
For us the right question is: How is it possible to travel to China and visit Hong Kong?Visit the former British colony will provide a totally different view of traditional China.

Hong Kong is one of China's economic engine and most modern city. Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps, a city with dozens of leisure and cultural visits, with dozens ofmarkets and street markets and a skyline in the background leaving the cities like NewYork.

The image offered by Victoria Bay and watch the spectacle illuminated Symphony of Lights is a compelling reason to travel and enjoy Hong Kong.

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