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Shanghai, the business center of China

The two most photographed and recognized sites in Shanghai are the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Bund, and will not be featured here. Instead we will give you a little taste other things to see and do while in Shanghai. One is inside the Tower. It is a wax museum of the history of the culture of Shanghai and well worth checking out. The other is the Shanghai Aquarium next door to the Tower. While the admission is a little pricey (oh well, this is Shanghai) the exhibits are very well done and worth the visit for anyone interested in marine life and in particular the Asian marine environment. 

Another thing to do is Shanghai is not actually in the city. Shanghai is located on the delta of the Yangtze River and as such is surrounded by vast wetlands. For centuries, these wetlands have held Water Towns that made use of and adapted to the networks of waters created by the delta. One of the more preserved ones is Zhou Zhuang, located about 1 hour's drive from downtown.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Jiu Merchant in old Shanghai
sharks, shanghai aquarium
Doing Business with Sharks?
ZhouZhuang water Town
The Venice of China
gondola ride, zhouzhuang
Gondola Ride in ZhouZhuang Water Town
Located 2 hours highway drive from Shanghai downtown is the city of Hangzhou. If you do not have a car, there are a multitude of tours you can join or just take the train (cheap, fast). Go to Hangzhou to relax and enjoy the scenerary along the shore of Xi Hu (west lake) during the day and the nightlife along the shore at night.
peach blossums, Xi Hu
Peach Blossums in early April
West lake. Walking tours
Strolling the Shore of West Lake
Colorful bikes, hangzhou
Hangzhou style bikes
West lake boats
Boating on Xi Hu (West Lake)

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